Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

We ask all parents to create a New Member account by registering on our Parent Portal.
After you register you will have access to NOLA Gymnastics Parent Portal (our online class registration program).

  • All registrations MUST be completed online using our Parent Portal. (no exception please)
  • Parent Portal must be accessed using a Personal computer or Laptop only. * Mobile browsers are not supported.
  • New students will have more success getting their first-class choice if they register early.
  • Some class times are more popular than others and fill up rapidly.
Parent Observation and Supervision
Parents may enter campus or stay during classes. We ask you to limit your visits to only ONCE PER MONTH.
  • Please sign Parent VISITOR sheet on the wall and check the month you attended.
  • Parents are not allowed beyond the waiting area and not allowed at the cubbies.
  • You must leave at the end of class and line up at the Danneel Street Garage for PICK UP.
  • No child will be released in the waiting room.
During class time, please leave the teaching and discipline to us. Many young children are beginning a structured class for the first time. Part of the learning your child will receive involves:
  • Listening to directions.
  • Keeping his/her spot in line.
  • Taking turns being first and last in line.
  • Working cooperatively with other children & instructors.

We know that watching your child go through this process of learning is difficult. However, we ask that you refrain from giving your child instruction or discipline during class time. What may be helpful is to remind your child to listen to the teacher before class begins.

If your child is unhappy with his/her class, please observe the class first. If you feel the class is not right for your child contact coach Gretchen. Our coaches will work with you to find a solution and keep any problems confidential.

How do I become a member?

We ask all parents to create a member account by registering on our parent portal. You will be required to sign our online waiver prior to attending any NOLA Gymnastics events.

Please click on Parent Portal / Register to complete this process. Once you have created an account and have your login and password, you can request a class to enroll in.

What should my child wear?

For all students loose fitting clothing must be worn to allow freedom of movement.

  • Our only request is that the clothing be free of zippers and buttons.
  • Girls are to wear a leotard and a ponytail.
  • Ponytails must be worn on gymnastic days to avoid injuries and promote safety.
  • No bulky hairpieces or jewelry.
  • Hair bands or any kind of hair tie barrettes are not allowed.
  • Long hair should be securely tied back.
  • When glasses are worn, wear a safety strap to keep the glasses on - there is a lot of flight and rotation involved, therefore glasses should be secured.

You may purchase a NOLA Leotard at the gym, please ask coach Gretchen.

What is the returned checks fee?

There is a $35 charge for the first time a check is returned to us and a $40 charge for the second time. NOLA Gymnastics LLC will not redeposit your check. The only remedy for this oversight is CASH, and must be paid by your child’s next class.



Do you accept credit card payments?

We do accept payments using credit cards via PayPal payment system.

Credit Cards are accepted only when using NOLA Gymnastics Parent Portal registration site.

General Information Before The Class

Please arrive to your class 5-15 minutes earlier.

  • Warm ups & proper stretches is very important so please don’t be late for your class.
  • Speak to your child about listening to the instructor and following directions.
  • Please advise your child that she must never attempt a new skill or use an apparatus with out permission from the instructor.
  • Please check and make sure that child uses the bathroom prior to beginning of the class.
  • Chewing gum candy or food is not allowed during class.
  • Slippery socks, oversized clothing which may hinder or endanger student safety are absolutely not allowed.
  • Courtesy is the first rule of the safety. Any student acting in an unsportsmanlike manner that endangers another student will be dismissed from the class immediately.

Coach Gretchen is available to discuss aspects of the program, ability level and progress only after the class or over the phone during morning hours.

Registration & Tuition
  • All registrations must be completed online using our Parent Portal.
  • We do not accept check payments.
  • Tuition payment and registration is due before the first day of the session.
  • Semester registration is mandatory for every child attending NOLA Gymnastics.
  • It is very important that we have all contact information of the parents/guardian`s and child`s regular school information.
  • All payments for gymnastics tuition must be paid in full before student can begin lessons.
  • We operate on 2 Semesters. Fall (beginning in August) and Spring (beginning in January)
  • We do not re-enroll students automatically every semester.

We reserve the right to cancel or change program schedule. It is the parents responsibility to be aware of all changes due to observance of national and religious holidays and make up days if any.

What Class is my child registered in ?

To view what class your Student is registered in, login your Parent Portal account first.

  • A list of all paid registrations will display, with the latest Invoice on top.
  • Click on green print icon to OPEN Invoice and look under Class/Event column to find which class your student has been enrolled in.
  • You will see the SEMESTER and YEAR.
  • Class Name.
  • Day of the Week and Time.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards and Cash for any payments.

Credit Cards are accepted when using NOLA Gymnastics Parent Portal registration site.

Are your coaches certified instructors?

Yes, all of our instructors are USA Gymnastics professional members who have been safety certified and have undergone background checks. Owner Coach Gretchen is a former member of the United States Acrogymnastic Team representing the United States in the World Championships, Pan American Games and Olympic Training Center.cs. We think we have the most competent and caring coaches around!

How do I find out about class cancellations?

In the event of inclement weather, class cancellations will be posted on our website. Please keep in mind that your school may be closed but we may be open and vice versa. Also, cancellations can occur at any time during the day depending on weather conditions so please check throughout the day/evening before your child's class. Click here for class cancellations/delays.

In what class level should my daughter be in?

Please email us your student name, age, numbers of years in gymnastics and last class she took, if she took any After School classes at any of the schools we teach After 3 programs please include that information. Coach Gretchen will respond and advice you on best class for your student. Email coach Gretchen

Can I enroll if semester has started?

Yes. Students may register at any time, on a space-available basis. A student who registers after the start of any given term will have their tuition pro-rated to reflect only the number of classes they will be attending.

Make-ups For Missed Classes

We offer a make-up class for those students who miss their regular class due to illness or injuries. The make-up is available only in classes that are not full, therefore a student must call ahead to be added to the make-up list. There is no refund, credits or pro-rating due to missed classes.