Gretchen Schultz

Gretchen Schultz, PT, CWSOwner / Head Coach

Owner/Coach Gretchen has been teaching gymnastics for over 30 years in the New Orleans area. In addition to her extensive experience with gymnastics, Gretchen has practiced physical therapy for 27 years, while specializing in orthopedic rehab, wound care.

Her knowledge in the physical therapy field complements her abilities to enhance her students' physical development through gymnastics and fitness.

Gretchen is a former member of the United States Acrogymnastic Team representing the United States in the World Championships, Pan American Games and Olympic Training Center. She is a 3 times US National Champion.

Ivan Ivanov

Ivan Ivanov Acrobatic Head Coach

Head Coach Ivan Ivanov is a 6 time Bulgarian National Champion. He was awarded the title of Master of Sports. He attended the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria and received a Master Degree in Sports, Physical Education and Sports Psychology. He has a Bachelor Degree in Acrobatic Gymnastics, Sport Management and Sport Journalism.

Coach Ivan has coached Acrobatic Gymnastics for 23 years. His students have won 12 medals in World Championship, World Cup, European Championship and European Games. He is an International ranked judge and a professional member of USA Gymnastics.

During the last 8 years in the USA, coach Ivan athletes have merited 7 gold, 4 silvers and 3 bronze medals at Nationals USA Gymnastics Championships. His professional judging at national and international competitions have been requested and fulfilled numerous times and he has served as the top judge at the USA Gymnastics Championships.

Coach Ivan received the Development Coach of the Year Award for USA Acrobatic Gymnastics Region 3 in 2018 and 2023.

Coach Ivan was awarded the 2018 US Level 7 Team National Champions from USA Gymnastics.

At the 2019 USA Gymnastics Championships his level 9 Trio was awarded the 2019 Glenn Sunby Award for Outstanding Pair/Group Performance.

At the first 2019 International Acrobatic Cup in Cesentico, Italy his NOLA Gymnastics Acro Trio was awarded the Silver and Bronze medals.