Please read this Information document in its etirety and check our site regularly for the latest updates. Thank you, and please be safe!

  1. Carpool Drop-Off / Check-In Pick Up

  2. Strict drive through Carpool Drop-Off will be on 1725 Dufossat Street.

  3. NOTICE: Facial covering will be optional for students, faculty and staff.
  4. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.
  5. Any gymnast who arrives early, please plan on waiting in your vehicle until it is 10 minutes before class time to allow other classes to clear out of the waiting area/lobby and to exit the building safely.
  6. Traffic must face Danneel Street/Manning Athletic Area/Football Field.
  7. Do not leave your car parked unattended in carpool area or block other cars from driving up to entrance. Please be considerate and find a parking space in the neighborhood.
  8. All students must wear shoes to and from the gym. No food allowed in the gym.
  9. Please stay in your car and pull forward until you reach entrance drop-off. Do not let your child exit the vehicle before reaching entrance. Wait for coach to arrive and open the door.
  10. Please have your student exit the car on the side closest to the school, 1725 Dufossat St.
  11. If you arrive after the session starts please park in a designated parking space and escort the student inside, then wait in waiting area for your student to be checked-in before you leave.
  1. Carpool Pick-Up Pick Up

  2. Strict Carpool Pick-Up will be behind the building on Danneel Street only.

  4. All students must be picked up on the DANNEEL Street exit only.
  5. Please stay in your car and pull forward so traffic can move faster.
  6. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in Pick-Up zone.
  7. Coaches will walk your child to your car when your car reaches Pick-Up zone area.
  8. If you are WALKING to pick up your student, please park in a designated parking space and wait to the sides of Danneel Street door exit.
    • DO NOT PARK in the Carpool Pick-Up Zone Area.
    • Please DO NOT WAIT IN FRONT OF EXIT DOORWAY. We need this area clear for carpool pick-up only.
    • Walking parents, please line up on the LEFT SIDE of DANNEEL garage doorway and tell a coach the name of your child.
    • Young children tend to run out in the street when they see parents walking.
    • Never call out to them from across the road – they may run to you without checking for traffic.
    • Always hold your child’s hand. Children need your help to spot dangers such as vehicles coming out of driveways. They can also be easily distracted and wander into traffic
  9. Students should not be left more than 10 minutes waiting following the completion of class.

  10. Drop Off and Pick Up

NOLA Gymnastics main facility is at 1725 Dufossat Street.

We also teach aftercare gymnastics programs at Newman, Sacred Heart and McGehee.